Classic City Smoke shop has a sweet variety of glass pipes, glass bowls, and custom glasswork to choose from. With great prices on everything from basic hand pipes and custom bubblers to concentrate rigs and E-Nails and all the accessories in between, Classic City Smoke Shop makes it easy to find the perfect piece. Check out our dab rigs, dab tools, nails/enails, hand pipes, bubblers, and one hitters. We have many designer glass pieces that you will want to show off.

Dab rigs, Nails / Enails. Dab tools. Hand pipes, Bubblers, One hitters are proudly made by:

  • Grav Labs / Helix
  • Roor
  • Diamond Glass
  • 3 Monkey Design
  • Pulsar
  • Killa Glass
  • KIller Bee
  • Lookah
  • King
  • RYOT

And don’t forget to keep those pieces in top shape with perfect cleaners!

“Always clean before you green!” -Dr. Green Thumb

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Glass Pipe, Water Pipe, Grav Labs Helix, Bubblers, Concentrate Rig